Eva Crebolder



Eva Crebolder

The artistic basis of Eva Crebolder is what's special in everyday things and life. Elements from daily life return in a playful surprising way, presented in a new seize, scale and/or form. 

Crebolder mostly works with reliefs in ceramic, that stand out through their understated, abstract and subtle character; Bricks are capped with a small roof, unfolding dimes are combined into an abacus. A cookingplate is  abstracted into a tile with a cross and a round center.

Crebolder playfully creates rythmic patterns, juxtapositions of repetitive movements, purposefully allowing room for  slight  deviations.  Being handmade, her tiles and reliefs always consciously show irregularities.  Failure becomes an important asset. The implicit imperfections of the human hand are accepted and embraced.  Crebolder's work breathes through subtle nuances in colour and patterns. The cool and hard groundmaterial seems warmed and softened with humor, elegance and grace.

Crebolder enjoys working in  public and private commissions. Her work balances between design and art and can be acquired in unique or at most very small editions.

Since 2015 Crebolder participated in several Cityscapes shows: SITC02 (2015), Inner City (2016), Rhizome BWH 2.0 (2017).