• A TOWER (2009)
    Anne Holtrop in collaboration with Bas Princen, moulded plaster model, 50x85, price: contact gallery
  • Inside Temporary Museum (Lake) (2010)
    Bas Princen in collaboration with Anne Holtrop, photo diptich, edition of 3, 310x125, price: contact gallery
  • Lotus Model (2011)
    Daan Roosegaarde, light sculpture, 17x17
  • Castle for Mike (1997)
    Giny Vos, edited photo, 70x60, price: contact gallery
  • Oslo Opera (2011)
    MVRDV, digital painting, edition of 3, 140x100, price: contact gallery
  • Blue and Orange (2011)
    Nicky Zwaan, transparant photo on glassplate, 70x52, price: contact gallery
  • Phantom Pain (2009)
    NL Architects, digital painting, edition of 3, 140x100, price: contact gallery
  • Governors Island (2011)
    West 8, digital painting, edition of 5, 50x70, price: contact gallery

Cityscapes Gallery KICK OFF

Cityscapes Gallery was launched at the Art Amsterdam art fair which took place from 11 to 15 May 2011. At this first presentation we gave a concise impression of the Cityscapes art offer and objectives. Cityscapes Gallery also participated at We Like Art: good art for affordable prices (max. 1500 euro).

Art Amsterdam 2011

Date: 11 - 15 May 2011
Place: Amsterdam RAI, Parkhal, booth 047

Participating Artists

Anne Holtrop
Bas Princen
Daan Roosegaarde
Giny Vos
NL Architects
Nicky Zwaan
West 8