Alexa Meyerman

  • 12.23 AM (2012)
    photo prints on folded transparant sheet, 16x16, price: contact gallery
  • 12.30 AM (2012)
    photo prints on folded transparant sheets, 14x17, price: contact gallery
  • 10.12 AM (2012)
    photo prints on folded transparant sheets, 140x17, price: contact gallery
  • Wormhole (2011)
    photo prints on folded transparant sheets, 17x15, price: contact gallery
  • 11.24 AM (2012)
    photo prints on folded transparant sheets, 13x16, price: contact gallery

Alexa Meyerman is a Dutch artist who makes video installations and transparant photo collages. Her subjects are often residential buildings that she distorts and transformes in a very original way into ephemeral architectural constructions. 

Publication: Scenes of destruction, 2013.



With utterly fragile constructions, Alexa Meyerman explores massive but as yet unanswered issues concerning space and the miracle of human perception. For these constructions she consciously makes use of the slightest imaginable material: photonegatives.

To Meyerman the transparency and transcendency of this material illustrate our experience of time and space, based on the continuous dynamic transactions between expectations based on all our past experiences/impressions and the factual perceptual information of the moment. The result of these transactions is our subjective representation of the space around us, without our ever being able to separate the respective contributions of facts and expectation to this image. Our perception is an illusion, that never can be traced lineairly to the timespace around us, with which we, trapped in our subjectivity, can never really connect.

We tend to model time and space to our own logic. But how reliable are the means that we can dispose of to do so?

The constructions of Alexa Meyerman represent an ambitious and courageous effort to reconstruct the transactions underlying our perceptions, in order to make us look and perceive in new ways.

By combining several transparent layers of images in space,  specific 3 dimensional spaces arise, fictitious buildings that comment on common (but in fact never proven) assumptions like ‘beneath vs above’, ‘inside vs outside’, ‘our ability to perceive, understand and memorise spaciousness.

While exploring Meyerman’s spaces, one becomes aware of one’s limitedness in truly understanding timespace. The fragile, transparent collages at first sight look playful and esthetic. Still, despite their beauty and charm, even at a glance these constructions seem to evade a full grasp. This has to do with their having aspects that contradict what we're used to understand as spatial representations of objects. On closer scrutiny they also evoke thoughts and emotions with a darker side, nostalgic, yearning and ambitious, despairing, sometimes even destructive and violent. It gradually becomes clear that every new viewpoint or change of light brings an extra contradiction of the logic we thought to have discovered before, just as every addition to our scope of experience time and again will make us perceive reality in a new and different way.


Alexa Meyerman & Cityscapes Gallery

Cityscapes Gallery showed Meyerman's work for the first time at the Raw Art Fair 2013. Since then she took part in our exhibitions "More dimensions" (2013), "Invisible city" and the Kunstrai 2014. SITC01 (2014), SITC02 (2015), SITC03 (2016), Inner City (2016).
The collaboration with Alexa Meyerman is project based. Her mother gallery is Reuten Gallery in Amsterdam.