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Cityscapes Foundation
After operating as an art gallery for 5 years we’re ready for a next move! From September 2016 the gallery will become part of a more extended program under a new flag, The Cityscapes Foundation. We continue to operate on the interfaces of art, architecture and the city. The aim of the foundation, like that of the gallery, is to establish a mutually stimulating dialogue between artists, architects and urban planners, aspiring to evoke the interest of art institutions, collectors and a worldwide public for this relatively unexplored field of art. Next to organizing expositions on different locations, the foundation will explore, initiate and organize a range of other activities in order to reach that goal.

Cityscapes Moving Gallery 
Starting in April 2016 we will organize a series of ‘Moving Exhibitions’.  The concept of  'Moving Gallery' fits the Cityscapes objectives and focuses. With our Moving Gallery strategy we explore the relation between art, architecture and the city in a  physical way. Other than the neutral white box that constitutes the traditional gallery space, we aim for locations with an an outspoken and architecturally interesting character. Our Moving Exhibitions will take into account the individual character of the locations, reacting on each different context and environment in a specific way.