Giny Vos

  • Hope (2011)
    light scupture, metal tubes and LED lights on wooden base, 50x36, price: contact gallery
  • Lokroep/The Painted Chat (2006)
    photo , framed piëzo print on dibond in wooden frame , 150x90, price: contact gallery
  • Castle for Mike (1997)
    edited photo, edition of 10 , framed piëzoprint on dibond , 70x50, price: contact gallery

Giny Vos

Giny Vos (Rotterdam, 1959) is an installation- and light artist.  Since 1985 she realized a large number of artworks in the public domain. Her studio is in Amsterdam.

For Giny Vos the existing environment plays a significant role in the final result of het projects. Her aim is to give rise to a view that makes particular aspects of this environment visible; elements which otherwise would go unnoticed. The work of Vos displays a passion for language and a fascination with science and technology. In her various projects for the public domain she often works with light, using video, computers, neon and LED displays.

Selected works:
White Noise (Amsterdam, 2009), Cristal Palace (Amsterdam, 2009), Miracle in Between (New Delhi, 2008), Travelling Sand (2008, Apeldoorn), Lokroep-The Painted Chat (Amsterdam, 2006).

Books: Singing in the Dark (Giny Vos, 2010)

Awards: In 2004 Giny Vos obtained the Witteveen+Bos-award for Art+Technique for her entire oeuvre.