• Marc Ruygrok: IJ voor IJburg (2005)
    digital painting, piezography in wooden frame, 50x35, price: 1.400 euro ex. btw
  • Citythoughts Architects: KAVEL 137 (2007)
    3 story house, steel, concrete, glass, wood, 660x1200, price: 750.000 euro
  • MVRDV: Oslo Opera (2001)
    digital painting, edition of 3, 140x100
  • NL Architects: POWER FLOWER (2007)
    digital painting, edition of 3, piƫzography on dibond, 140x100
  • West 8: Governors Island (2011)
    digital painting, edition of 5, piezography on dibond, 50x70
    digital sculpture, edition of 10, in 10 different colours, 21x13
  • NL Architects: CROSSOVER (2011)
    model for extension Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Roofmate and white paint, 30x30
  • Lebbeus Woods: Centre of New Technology, Montage 5 (1985)
    inc on tracing paper, signed: Lebbeus Woods, 60x80
  • SeARCH: TOWER POWER (2008)
    model, divers materials: wood, plexiglass, metal, 40x85
  • Marc Ruygrok: HOE DAT ZO (2010)
    model, wood and gold leaf, 300x10, price: on request
  • Giny Vos: HOPE (2011)
    lights sculpture, metal tubes and LED lights on wooden base, 50x36, price: on request
  • Tom Frantzen: Low Budget Xtension #2 (2001)
    carpet, 180x180, price: 5.000 euro ex. btw
  • Rem Koolhaas/O.M.A: Vila dall' Ava
    vintage silkscreen print in wooden frame, signed: Rem Koolhaas, 88x62
  • Anne Holtrop and Bas Princen: A TOWER (2009)
    moulded plaster model, 50x85, price: 5.000 euro
  • Nicky Zwaan: View (2011)
    photo installation, edition of 3, translucent photo on plexiglass, 70x52

Summer Exhibition 2011

During the summer months Cityscapes Gallery exposes work of varous artists in the Cityscapes Home Gallery at JB6. The Home Gallery is installed temporarily at the house that Bastiaan Gribling built for his family at Amsterdam IJburg. The house is a light and spacious living space, with a large glass facade opening up to the garden at the waterfront. Clients can visit the JB6by appointment.

Date: June - September 2011 (closed: august 7-27).
Place: Cityscapes JB6, James Bradleystraat 6, Amsterdam IJburg.

Art Offer
Anne Holtrop
Bas Princen
Giny Vos
Lebbeus Woods
Marc Ruygrok
NL Architects
Nicky Zwaan
Tom Frantzen
West 8