The prolongation of INNER CITY comes with a last event:

FINNISAGE with INNER CITY TALK on FRIDAY November 11, 5-8 pm.

If you'd like to attend this event, please notify us of your coming:

The second in a series of ‘Marineterrein Talks’, where state of the art artists, architects and scientists discuss typical CITYSCAPES Themes, now: the 'INNER CITY’. 

The Talk has the following format: First psychiatrist Jim van Os will reflect on the exhibition, drawing from topical developements in the area of mind and mental mechanisms, as relevant for art in general and the 'Inner City' theme in particular. Subsequently van Os will interview several INNER CITY participants  on their work with regard to the Inner City. Input from the public will be welcomed.

Presentation & interview: Jim van Os

Participating artists: Gijs Assmann, Liesbeth van der Pol, Peter Zegveld
PERIOD: September 29- November 14, 2016
INNER CITY TALK: November 11, 5-8 pm
LOCATION: Marineterrein Amsterdam, Gebouw 025.