Tuesday 30 Octobre architect Lebbeus Woods died in New York. Although Lebbeus Woods never build one single building I will remember him as one of the greatest architects of our time. His thrilling projects and breathtaking drawings keep on inspiring new generations of architects and are surprisingly topical for the violent times we witness today. In the work of Lebbeus Woods war, terror and destruction are ever-present and it doesn't feel as a coincidence that he passed away at the moment superstorm Sandy ravaged his domicile metropolis New York.

It does feel as a very sad coincidence that Lebbeus Woods cannonical EINSTEIN TOMB SERIES from 1986 is part of the exhibition PAPER ARCHITECTURE that we currently show at CITYSCAPES GM8. Since this summer I was trying to organize a meeting with Lebbeus Woods in the hope to work together and interest him to exhibit new work in Amsterdam. With great pain I have to accept that a meeting with one of my great heroes is not going to happen anymore -  but with great pleasure I enjoy the incredible rich oeuvre in which he survives.  

The exhibition PAPER ARCHITECTURE is postponed until 30 Novembre 2012.

Exhibition:      PAPER ARCHITECTURE at GM8
Location:        Cityscapes Studio GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8 Amsterdam
Dates:            20 September - 30 Novembre 2012, visit by appointment

Work by:       

Ben van Berkel/UN Studio
Franck Gribling
Frank Havermans
Jeroen Kramer
Lebbeus Woods
Marc Ruygrok
NL Architects
Peter Wilson
Rem Koolhaas/O.M.A.