• Exhibition View L.A.T. 1 (2014)
  • Exhibition view L.A.T. 2 (2014)
    Sandro Setola, Beachhouse project
  • Exhibition View L.A.T. 3 (2014)
  • Exhibition view L.A.T. 4 (2014)
    Jeroen van Bergen, Installation "Schetsen en modellen"
  • Exhibition view L.A.T. 5 (2008)
    Jeroen van Bergen: Gevelsamenstellingen scale 1:20, Steiger ; Facade
  • Exhibition view L.A.T. 7 (2014)
    Jeroen van Bergen, Barrio de Chabolas ; 2 model details; photograph
  • Detail : Barrio de Chabolas 001 (2009)
    Jeroen van Bergen, Scale: 1:100
  • Exhibition view L.A.T. 8 (2014)
    Jeroen van Bergen, Keet
  • Exhibition view L.A.T. 9 (2014)
    Jeroen van Bergen, 3 models ; 1 drawing
  • Sandro Setola: Retreat (I know I can't win)
    Instalation, polyamide sculpture video

From September 26th until October 4th 2014 Cityscapes Gallery presented two artists, Jeroen van Bergen and Sandro Setola in the exhibition “Living Apart Together”. 

Where Jeroen van Bergen works on architectural ‘models’ by always using one and the same building block, the “toilet modular’, Setola comments on architecture in a wide array of form and concept. Although at first appearance their artistic products stand worlds apart, their work also touches on several points. Both have been working for years on certain themes, van Bergen on the use of his toilet modular, Setola on a series of beach houses. Both are concerned with the themes of isolation, uniformity, organic growth. Both show great dexterity in several disciplines. The exhibition places van Bergen and Setola side by side in different parts of the gallery, juxtaposing and at the same time enriching each other - Living Apart Together.

At the finissage on Oct 4 writer and art-critic Dirk van Weelden commented on the exhibition and both artists.

EXHIBITION: Living Apart Together  
LOCATION:  Cityscapes GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8, Amsterdam.
DATE:  september 26th – october 4th 2014.
ARTISTS:  Jeroen van Bergen and Sandro Setola
VERNISSAGE:  Friday September 26 th  from 5 to 8 pm.
LECTURE DIRK VAN WEELDEN:  Saturday october 4th  5 to 6 pm.