Gebouw 27 Panorama Blur15x5 HOMEPAGE


The first Cityscapes exhibition of 2016 - NEW ENERGIES - takes place at our new temporary base in Gebouw 27 at the Marineterrein Amsterdam. 

NEW ENERGIES is a special group exhibition in which we present distinctive work by artists, architects, designers who explore and visualize the phenomenon of energy. Energy is everywhere, sometimes visible, more often not. Art, architecture and science each in their own way have the potential to make the invisible energies that shape the world around us visible.

Participating artists: Anastasija Pandilovska, Arne Hendriks/Mike Thompson, Charlotte Koenen, Chris Vanden Broeke, Franck Gribling, Jean Marc Spaans, Jolán van der Wiel, Martin uit den Boogaard, NL Architects, ZJA, Sjoerd Buisman, SeARCH.


LOCATION: Marineterrein Amsterdam, Gebouw 27, 3th Floor
DATE: April 22 - May 20, 2016
VISIT: Friday and Saturday, 1 – 6 pm and by appointment