In  “NEWSCAPES”, Cityscapes Gallery introduces its public to ten young and upcoming artists that work on the interface of art and architecture. Some of the participants have already been active for (quite) a few years. Others come straight from the academy, showing their graduation- or even newer work. With new perspectives, techniques and youthful bravery, “NEWSCAPES” bounces with exciting vitality. By bringing together these new voices in the field, the  exhibition brings a fresh view on what to expect on the interface of art and architecture in the years to come. Cityscapes expects at the least that a lot will be heard from Newscapes’ participants…

DATE:  SEPTEMBER 11- OCTOBER 9 2015, visit by appointment, also in weekend's and evening's
LOCATION: Cityscapes Piet Hein, Piet Heinkade 83, Amsterdam
OPENING: friday september 11, 6 - 8 pm

: Waël el Allouche, Kevin Bauer, Esther Bentvelsen, Stephan Blumenschein, Tycho Brouwers, Jonathan van Doornum, Daniel Mullen, Anastasija Pandilovska, Jef Stapel, Ivar van der  Zwan, Kim Wawer