In the months Septembre and Octobre 2012 we show at Cityscapes Studio GM8 a selection of work on paper by various artists.

The term 'Paper Architecture' originates from the late seventies/early eighties, when architects like Rem Koolhaas, Ben van Berkel and Peter Wilson started their carreer with highly imaginary and artistic projects. Since the economic situation of the time did not offer any building commisions, they started to construct their architectural dreams in drawings and models. With their imaginary projects they showed that economic crisis is a fertile soil to discover new architectural horizons.

Will the current crisis prove the same?

Location:        Cityscapes Studio GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8 Amsterdam
Dates:            20 September -  21 Octobre 2012, visit by appointment

Work by:       

Ben van Berkel/UN Studio
Franck Gribling
Frank Havermans
Jeroen Kramer
Lebbeus Woods
Marc Ruygrok
NL Architects
Peter Wilson
Rem Koolhaas/O.M.A.