RAGE, RAGE (do not go gentle)

  • Exhibition view 04 (2014)
  • Exhibition view 03 (2014)
  • Exhibition View 02 (2014)
  • Exhibition view 01 (2014)
  • Marjan Teeuwen: Krasnoyarsk 01 (2010)
    Photo print , price: contact gallery
  • Marjan Teeuwen: Bloemhof 2 (2013)
    photo print on dibond, price: contact gallery
  • Tilmann Meyer-Faje: Big Building (2011)
    ceramic sculpture, price: contact gallery
  • Tilmann Meyer-Faje: Nooit Voltooid (2011)
    video still, price: contact gallery

In March 2014 Cityscapes Gallery presented the exposition RAGE RAGE (do not go gentle). the show featured a selection of the 'Verwoest Huis' series by Marjan Teeuwen and ceramic sculptures by Tilmann Meyer-Faje.

The dualism of building and destruction as a metaphor for human existence. Creating order and beauty out of chaos and rubble. Marjan Teeuwen and Tilmann Meyer-Faje share a fascination for perishableness, the beauty of vulnerability and repair. Both artists build with great dexterity and drivenness, as though the last 'stone' might be their last breath, aiming to catch in their work that one vital moment before final collapse. Their impressive constructions in all their perfect imperfections call clearly for a right of existence, and dignity and respect. 

EXPOSITION:  RAGE, RAGE (do not go gentle)

ARTISTS:  Marjan Teeuwen en Tilmann Meyer-Faje

LOCATION:  GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8, Amsterdam

DATE:   March 8 – 28 2014