Burgerweeshuis Amsterdam
  • Semna van Ooy, Ode aan Aldo, 2017
  • Frank Havermans: Tofud Zuidas, 2011
    Wood, ropes, black acrylic paint.
  • Frank Havermans: Tofud Zuidas, 2011
    Wood, ropes, achy paint
  • Overview Pavilion 8
    Jeroen Molenaar, Kim Wawer, Daniel Mullen
  • Jeroen Molenaar, 2017
    Hanging Sculpture, wood
  • Kim Wawer, 2016
    Sculpture, Ceramic
  • Daniel Mullen: New Explorations, 2016
    Acrylic on Canvas
  • Sandro Setola: Darkness Roots, 2011
    Pastel and charcoal on black board.
  • MVRDV: Glass House, 2015
    sculpture, glasse stones, transparent kit
  • Simcha Roodenburg, Zonder Titel, 2012
    Sculptuur, gezaagde boomstammen
  • Daniel Mullen: Concrete Space
    Oil on Canvas
  • Dickens vd Werff: 6winged6, 2017
    Kinetische wand sculptuur
  • Krijn de Koning
    In situ made installation, hout, gipsplaat, acryl verf
  • Krijn de Koning: Installation, 2017
    In situ build Installation
  • Edwin Zwakman: Structuralist Ruin, 2017
    Installation: video and model on steel pedestal with lamp
  • Edwin zwakman: Structuralist Ruin, 2017
    Model on steel pedestal with lamp
  • Overview Ceramic Space
    Jolan vd Wiel, Jurijn ~Hufenreuter, Tilmann Meyer-Faje
  • Jolan van der Wiel: Dragonstones, 2015
    magnetic ceramics
  • Simcha Roodenburg
    Ceramic constructions
  • Sandro Setola: S Brick, 2009
    Sculpture, ceramics
  • Jean Bernard Koeman
    wand sculptuur met Kwartel eieren.
  • Jeroen Kramer: Melt Down Sculpture
    In situ made sculpture, plastics and metal
  • Atelier Remy
    sculptuur/bank, hout

Cityscapes Foundation kicks off 2017 with a grand artshow in one of the most famous products of Dutch Modern Architecture!  The exhibition RHIZOME: BWH 2.0 focusses on the particularities of the BURGERWEESHUIS and its creator Aldo van Eyck. The structure and idea of the building as well as its 'pre-renovation' status call for a special approach to the exhibition, focussing on spatial works with a certain ‘robustness' regarding both space and circumstances!

PARTICIPANTS :  Jeroen van Bergen, Ticho Brouwer, Eva Crebolder, Jean Bernard Koeman, Krijn de Koning, Jeroen Kramer, Taro Lukas, Frank Havermans, Jurijn Hufenreuter, Jeroen Molenaar, Daniel Mullen, Remy & Veenhuizen, Hortense Lauras, Tilmann Meyer Faje, MVRDV, NL Architects, Semna van Ooy, Simcha Roodenburg, Sandro Setola,  Kim Wawer, Dickens van der Werf, Jolan van der Wiel, Peter Zegveld, Edwin Zwakman.

On Saturday January 14 (5 - 7 pm), the Burgerweeshuis and the Exhibition will be discussed by an outstanding panel:
  • Architect Herman Herzberger: the ‘Eminence Grise’ of Dutch Architecture, was closely involved in the conception of the Burgerweeshuis. Herzberger and van Eyck were editor of the influential Forum Magazine (1959-1964), who formulated ‘het verhaal van een andere gedachte’ expressed in the Burgerweeshuis and divers ‘Structuralist’ buildings by Hertzberger like Centraal Beheer in Apeldoorn. Since1959 Hertzberger runs the highly productive architectural studio ‘AHH'.
  • Art Historian Aart Oxenaar: studied Art-history and Archeology at the University of Amsterdam. From 1998 to 2014 he was director of Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and is Director of Monuments and Archeology Amsterdam since 2015. Oxenaar has a genuine fascination for the Burgerweeshuis and its creator Aldo van Eyck. 
  • Artist Edwin Zwakman: fascinated by structuralism as a response to modernism with its influence on the babyboom generation, Zwakman currently works on a monument  'Structural Ruin'  that will be build near Nijmegen this year.  'RHIZOME: BWH 2.0' shows an installation with the model and video of this monumental art work. 
LOCATION: Burgerweeshuis, IJsbaanpad 3, Amsterdam
PERIOD: January 10 – February 11, 2017
TALK: Saturday January 14, 2017
VISIT:  Fridays and Saturdays,  2 - 6 pm and by appointment

GETTING THERE:  The Burgerweeshuis is located along the Amstelveense weg, between Olympisch Stadion and Ring A10. With public transport: Metro 50, Stop Amsteveenseweg and tram 16, stop Stadionplein.