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Cityscapes Foundation kicks off 2017 with a grand artshow in one of the most famous products of Dutch Modern Architecture!  The exhibition RHIZOME: BWH 2.0 focusses on the particularities of the BURGERWEESHUIS and its creator Aldo van Eyck. 
We are very happy with the huge amount of (positive!) attention  RHIZOME: BWH 2.0 already has received, as represented by several comments :
On Saturday February 11 (5 - 9 pm) we conclude the Burgerweeshuis Exhibition with a festive finissage with presentations and performances by architect Wessel de Jonge and participating artists Frank HavermansSimcha Roodenburg and Ticho Brouwer. After the presentations our ‘Gallery DJ’ will give a 'steaming hot wind-up' of this years memorable yet frosty winter event. 
RSVP Please let us know before February 7 if you like to attend the Finissage on Feb 11:   RSVP BWH Talk
Prof. Ir. Wessel de Jonge occupies the chair of the Heritage & Design deparment at the TU Delft. As founder and director of Wessel de Jonge Architecten BNA BV, he's responsible for the renovation of the BurgerWeesHuis. Other renovations of famous buildings by him are for example the Sanatorium Zonnestraal, and the Van Nelle Fabriek.
Frank Havermans is a typical Cityscapes Artist: His internationally appreciated work is structurally focused on the city. His works are divided in architectural interventions in public space (KAPKARs) and  models (in 2D or 3D) for future developments of cities (TOFUDs). Havermans work was already twice nominated for the international Mies van der Rohe price. 
Simcha Roodenburg had to choose between the conservatorium and Art Academy at seventeen. He went to the Rietveld Academy and made a special shortcut to the famous Ateliers Amsterdam 4 years later. He kept playing the guitar and merges elements of music into his impressive architectural installations. Usually working with rough wood, he incidentally also makes intricate ceramic sculptures.
Ticho Brouwer graduated from the Rietveld Academy only two years ago, with a focus on site specific installations. The last few years he resided in the BWH resulting in a special interest and knowledge of it's extraordinary architecture. The title Rhizome-BWH 2.0 was actually inspired by his view on the building. He contributed to the exhibition with a soundwork in which human voice relates to the special domes of the BWH.
PARTICIPATING in the exhibition :  Ticho Brouwer, Eva Crebolder, Jean Bernard Koeman, Krijn de Koning, Jeroen Kramer, Taro Lukas, Frank Havermans, Jurijn Hufenreuter, Jeroen Molenaar, Daniel Mullen, Remy & Veenhuizen, Hortense Lauras, Tilmann Meyer Faje, MVRDV, NL Architects, Simcha Roodenburg, Sandro Setola,  Kim Wawer, Dickens van der Werff, Jolan van der Wiel, Peter Zegveld, Edwin Zwakman.
LOCATION: Burgerweeshuis, IJsbaanpad 3, Amsterdam
PERIOD: January 10 – February 11, 2017
VISIT:  Fridays and Saturdays,  2 - 6 pm or by appointment
FINISSAGE: Saturday February 11, 2017, 5 - 9 pm

GETTING THERE:  The Burgerweeshuis is located along the Amstelveense weg, between Olympisch Stadion and Ring A10. With public transport: Metro 50, Stop Amsteveenseweg and tram 16, stop Stadionplein.