RIETVELD AT GM8 gives a personal view on the work of Gerrit Rietveld as seen through the eyes of Gerrit Oorthuys. The exhibition includes photo's of Rietveld buildings by Gerrit Oorthuys, a short film showing Gerrit Rietveld and Willem Sandberg visiting Rietveld houses and a selection of Rietveld chairs. Next to Rietveld we also show recent work by the young architecture and design studio DekkersHendrikse.  

Saturday 22 December Gerrit Oorthuys lectures on the the cube in the work of Rietveld. After the lecture we will show the documentary De Weelde van de Soberheid, made by Hank Onrust and Gerrit Oorthuys in 1991 for VPRO Television.

Exhibition:                  RIETVELD at GM8

Location:                    Cityscapes GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8 Amsterdam

Opening:                     Saturday 15 December 2012, 16.00 PM

Lecture and film:        Saturday 22 December, 16.00 PM

Collaboration:            Gerrit Oorthuys
                                     Cityscapes Gallery
                                     Erik Blits Architect
                                     DekkersHendrikse Architectuur en Design