Het Einde van de Architectuur?

The Monumental review of SHIFTS by Tracy Metz in last weeks NRC Cultureel Suplement and NRC Next made us decide to extend the exhibition at GM8 until August 04.

Under the catchy headline 'Het Einde der Architectuur?' and a glossy photo of Santiago Calatrava's outragious Valencia City of Arts&Science, Tracy Metz interviews the two authors of SHIFTS: Hans Ibelings and Nanne de Ru. According to Hans Ibelings we witness the end of an epoch in the history of architecture that started in the 18e century with the Industrial Revolution. To give the architecture-discipline some hope, Ibelings states that the end of something is usually also the birth of something new. As an architect Nanne de Ru has a more optimistic nature. Certainly the present situation presses architects to re-invent themselves. But through the backdoor of the crisis, the architect might also reclaim a more central position in the building proces.

Exhibition:      SHIFTS

Location:        GM8, Gabriel Metsustraat 8 Amsterdam

Organization:  Cityscapes Gallery & Non-Fiction

Dates:            until 4 August 2012: Fridays and Saturdays, 13 - 18.00