Vladimir Grafov
do 10 mrt 2022 do 21 apr 2022
Marineterrein Amsterdam
In the artistic research project AI CITY artist Vladimir Grafov investigates, with researchers Frank Suurenbroek (HvA) and Federica Cefis Colombo (AMS), the presence of AI on the cityscape.


INCUBATOR. As a test environment for the AI CITY project, Vladimir Grafov developed the AI INCUBATOR; a multi-media installation equipped with lasers, sound and a 3D printed model of Marineterrein Amsterdam. Grafovs remarkable installation, that is shown in 2022 at the Project Tomorrow exhibition at NEMO The Studio (Marineterrein, Gebouw 027F), demonstrates in four ‘scenes’, how AI scans, analyses and directs our urban environment.

  • Scene 1. Scanning: see how AI systematically scans the environment,
  • Scene 2. Patterns: witness how AI analyses data and discovers patterns,
  • Scene 3. Control: discover how AI uses data to influence our lives and environment,
  • Scene 4. Coextension: how can we live together with this new ‘technological species’?

Workshop. Friday, March 4th 2022, we organized at NEMO The Studio a workshop where we operate, edit and discuss the artwork of Grafov and the research questions and objectives of the AI CITY project, with invited experts and public.

Project-team. Vladimir Grafov, Federica Cefis Colombo, Frank Suurenbroek, Bastiaan Gribling.

Partners. Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied   Sciences, Media Architecture Biennale, Cityscapes Foundation, Science Museum NEMO, Makerspace AHK, TAPP, Next Nature Network.