Marijn Roos Lindgreen: 147 KG
vr 11 jun 2021 wo 7 jul 2021
Marineterrein Amsterdam
Summer 2021, winner op the open call CITY IN TRANSITION, Marijn Roos Lindgreen presents a new phase in her ongoing artistic research project 147 KG at the Marineterrein Schietbaan.

147 KG is a sculptural project which takes 147 kilograms of paraffin wax as its starting point. The wax is white in color, odorless, slightly translucent, and has a melting point of around 60 °C. Heat facilitates transformation. It can be shaped and reshaped and reshaped again, without loss of material.

The project of Marijn Roos Lindgreen was one of the winning proposals for the open call CITY IN TRANSITION that Living Art Lab send out in 2021.

Marijn Roos Lindgreen. Coming from a background in architecture, Lindgreen’s main interest lies in space. More specifically, in the way our daily surroundings influence us. She investigate’s how certain spatial signs can manipulate our instinctive feelings about a space and try, in her way, to manipulate those signs to create another experiential outcome.