Vladimir Grafov
wo 13 sep 2023 vr 6 okt 2023
Marineterrein Amsterdam
As pilot project for the Living Art Lab Cityscapes organised in September 2019 at the Marineterrein Schietbaan the project ‘Space Shooters’ by multi-media artist Vladimir Grafov.


Space Shooters
The multi-media installation ‘Space Shooters’ by the Russian/Dutch artist Vladimir Grafov plays both with the former function of the Schietbaan and the future transformations of the Marineterrein. Two mysterious, translucent cylinders flow, like big bullets, in the shooting range. The everchanging light play in the cylinders indicate that something miraculous is about to happen. Sometimes a light beam shoots from inside the cylinders, that look like incubators, into the dark space. Strange sounds (recordings from outer space) echo from the concrete walls of the bunker.


Vladimir Grafov
Vladimir Grafov (Soviet Union, 1964) studied physics and mathematics in Moscow. In the 1980s, Grafov was involved in various cultural manifestations of the Russian alternative, avant-garde scene. In 1989 he moved to Amsterdam, where he became active in the “tech-art” scene. Grafov produced a large number of laser-shows, multi-media installations and interactive works of art. He co-founded the Amsterdam collective “Laboratories of Art Technologies” and the London-based collectives Raylab and Hivenetworks. Since 2012, Grafov focusses on autonomous light art- and multimedia performances.