Bibi Bliekendaal: The Tinkle Drum
vr 5 aug 2022 za 24 sep 2022
Marineterrein Amsterdam
In the spring of 2022, Marineterrein Living Art Lab send out the open call 'Energy Junkies' in collaboration with its partners, Cityscapes Foundation, AHK and NEMO Science Museum.

Open call
In the context of Marineterrein’s Living Art Lab, artists and makers were invited to submit proposals for the realisation of a temporary work of art in the outdoor space at Marineterrein. Following an exhibition of the same name in NEMO’s De Studio, the theme of the open call was ‘Energy Junkies’. The winning project ‘The Tinkle Drum’ was exhibited during the summer of 2022.

Selection process
The jury was impressed by the quality, originality and diversity of the entries. The jury assessed the entries based on four pre-determined criteria: relevance to the theme, relevance to the objectives of Marineterrein, artistic quality, and feasibility. Due to the high quality and diversity of the entries, the jury faced a difficult choice. It found several proposals interesting but finally came to a unanimous decision in favour of Bibi Bliekendaal’s Tinkle Drum, which best meets the selection criteria.

The Tinkle Drum
Bibi Bliekendaal’s proposal The Tinkle Drum is made in collaboration with a team of makers and technicians. It is a 3-meter high wooden drum that works like a large music box. When people walk in it together it starts spinning, and as it does so, hammers in the drum touch keys and music is created. John Lennon’s Imagine is the default tune, but it is also reprogrammable: people can create their own compositions. The jury was particularly charmed by Tinkle Drum because it invites movement and contact and is about positive energy. The work is of high artistic and aesthetic quality but is also very accessible, particularly for children, local residents, and people who do not often come into contact with art.

Burning Man Festival
The Tinkle Drum is not made exclusively for Marineterrein. After the show at Marineterrein it traveled also to two festivals in the Netherlands. And a new (double) version was build at the Burning Man Festval in Nevada, USA.