We Make the City
ma 17 jun 2019 zo 23 jun 2019
Marineterrin Amsterdam
During We Make The City 2019 Alexander van Bakel, Wouter Smit and Hein van Lieshout presented an immersive multimedia installation at the Marineterrein Schietbaan.

In the dark, completely air-, light- and soundproof space of the former shooting range (Schietbaan) artists Alexander van Bakel, Wouter Smit and architect Hein van Lieshout created an immersive environment that entangle the spectator into a promise for a potential urban future. Is this utopia or dystopia? That is for the visitors of We Make The City to find out.

Alexander van Bakel
(1994) initially enrolled to become an engineer at the Technical University Delft and later a study Art History at the University of Leiden. These previous studies provided him with sufficient theoretical knowledge as well as the technical skills to further develop his ideas at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam where he graduated in 2018, with the project ‘Paradise Found’ that also forms the basis of his contribution to the installation at the Marineterrein Schietbaan.

Wouter Smit
(1992) focusses with his art practice PK8 STUDIO on the development of audio-visual interactive art installations, video performances and the organization of workshops and exhibitions in the field of electronic music production and various forms of media art. In his work, Smit sets out to rediscover the analog signal in its poetic significance. How to re-address the connection between the analog and the digital, between the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’?

Hein van Lieshout
(1981) is architect who founded in 2009 the studio Architectural Things. For van Lieshout Architecture is a fundamental cultural act of building environments that express the present to create future meaning.Fueled by his fascination with language, philosophy and symbolism he creates layered spatial stories by producing artistic research models.