Book-launch event
ma 2 okt 2023 za 7 okt 2023
SPUI25 Amsterdam
Exhibition at Athenaeum Bookshop and Talk at SPUI25, with NL Architects, Toon Koehorst, Kirsten Hannema and Aric Chen on Forum Groningen, the building and the book.

Forum Groningen – book-launch event,
TALK:  October 02, 2023 at Spui25, Amsterdam,
EXHIBIT: October 02 – 08 at Athenaeum Bookshop, Spui 14, Amsterdam,
BOOK:  You can obtain the Forum Groningen Book for € 34,95:   ORDER HERE

After decades of studies and plans, the realisation of the Forum at the east-side of the Grote Markt in Groningen created a new cultural heart, nourishing the city with an entirely new type of public space.

The book Forum Groningen gives a kaleidoscopic perspective on the genesis of the project. Like the Forum building that is a hybrid between architecture, culture and the city that connects several cultural functions, the Forum publication is a hybrid between book, essay collection and magazine that connects various perspectives on history, context, design and use of the building.

With the October 2th book launch event at Spui25 we want to explore the broader meaning of the Forum Groningen in a public talk with architects, book makers, critics and audience. The talk will focus on the significance (local and international) of the Forum. What does this new, yet unknown form of public space, erected in a small, run-down courtyard of an inner-city building block, mean for Groningen? And what can cities (in the Netherlands and worldwide) learn from the Groningen experiment?

Talk at Spui25
The event starts with short presentations by the architects of the building and the designers of the book. Then invited critics will give their personal view on the Forum project. The event concludes with a debate with speakers and public, moderated by Dirk van Weelden.

  • NL Architects: presentation on Forum Groningen, the building,
  • Toon Koehorst (Koehorst in ‘t Veld): on Forum Groningen, the book,
  • Kirsten Hannema (architecture critic): on the project in the local context,
  • Aric Chen (Nieuwe Instituut), on the project in international context,
  • Dirk van Weelden (writer): moderator of the talk.

Exhibition at Athenaeum 
In addition to the event at Spui25 a compact public exhibit is displayed in the shop window of Athenaeum Bookshop across Spui square.